Peaceful, soothing, relaxing.

Looking for a good night's rest after a long, stressful day?

Take a deep breath and find restful sleep, relaxation, and revitalization in the delicate, soothing fusion of our scientifically-formulated Allysian Essentials™ Calm.


Roman Chamomile Flowers

Sweet and fruity. Delight in a fragrance that will restore your sense of calm. *1-5

What does chamomile do?

Clinical Research

In a study by Moss et al. (2006), 80 healthy adults were assigned to Roman chamomile aroma groups or a non-aroma group. They then completed mood scales before and after a cognitive test. The Roman chamomile aroma was found to have a calming effect on individuals, as measured by self-report. *3

Roman Chamomile Flowers

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Sandalwood Oil

Rich, woody, with a spicy undertone. Rest your body and mind and find yourself refreshed and uplifted. *1-3

What does sandalwood do?

Clinical Research

In a study by Sheen & Stevens (2001), 8 female participants were assigned to use sandalwood oil as a perfume. After 1-week, self-perceived effects of sandalwood included feeling more calm and uplifted, better ability to manage, and improved well-being. *3

Sandalwood Oil

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Ylang Ylang Flowers

Flowery with a sense of warmth. Immerse yourself in relaxation and relief and feel your worries start to disappear. *1-6

What does Ylang Ylang do ?

Clinical Research

In a study by Hongratanaworakit & Buchbauer (2006), 40 healthy adults were randomly assigned to apply ylang ylang oil or only the carrier oil (almond) onto their skin. Those in the ylang ylang oil group rated themselves as more calm and more relaxed compared to those in the almond oil group. *3

Ylang Ylang Flowers

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Full Ingredient List

Chamaemelum nobile, flower (roman chamomile), Lavandula angustifolia, flower (lavender), Citrus sinensis, peel (sweet orange), Santalum album, stem (sandalwood), Cananga odorata, flower (ylang ylang), Sclerocarya birrea, seed (marula oil), Rosa canina, fruit (rosehip oil), Simmondsia chinensis, seed (jojoba oil).

Apply under the jaw line, on wrists, throat, temples, or pulse points as desired and massage into skin.

Size: 10 ml (0.34 fl oz.)

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